Introduction of Kitanobo

Hojakuin Kitanobo is a temple based on Nichiren Buddhism Called Nichirenshu. “Nichiren” (1222-1282) is the name of the founder and the name is combined with “sun” and “lotus flower”.
Nichiren Shonin taught that the Lotus Sutra represents the genuine teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Over 2500 years ago, Buddha realized the origin of the sufferings of this world and revealed the path to go beyond them.

Nichiren Shonin regarded the teaching of Lotus Sutra was the supremely authoritative scripture expressed the thoughts of Buddha. Nichiren Buddhism has its roots in the teachings of Nichiren Shonin, a 13th century when Japanese societies faced with the rise of samurai (military) authorities and natural disasters. He is seen to be like the great Protestant reformer of Japanese Buddhism. Lotus Sutra is said to contain the highest truth of Buddhist teachings and the essence is expressed by chanting of Nam Myoho Rrenge-Kyo (I devote my life to the law itself). Having worked out what was wrong with traditional Buddhism he did something about it.
Nambu Sanenaga was the governor and lord of Hakii Go village, who donated Minobusan (Mt. Minobu and its surroundings) to Nichiren Shonin and built the temple hall. Then after Nichiren Shonin’s death, lord Sanenaga established Hojakuin Kitanobo in 1297 to maintain Nihiren Shonin’s graveyard and the temple hall.

Temple Lodging If you’re looking for a unique local and traditional Japanese experience, then Minobusan is popular destination but still unknown hidden unique place for international tourists. Currently there are about 75,000 temples in Japan but only a small number of temples offer shukubo accommodation. Minobu Area offers many kinds of fun from outdoor activities to traditional cultural experience. We offer various Buddhism services such as Goshuin Stamp and Sutra Copying.
Shukubo offers Japanese style tatami room and one night stay costs between 7,000 and 12,000 per person depending on conditions of dinner and breakfast. Booking is to be made beforehand by contacting with the temple through request form. Please send your request including the check in date, the number of nights and visitors, and the preference of dinner and breakfast.

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住所とアクセス Address and Access

〒409-2524 山梨県南巨摩郡身延町身延3595法寂院北之坊
Hojakuin Kitanobo
3595 Minobu, Minobu-cho, Yamanashi-ken 409-2524 Japan
【Tel / Fax】0556-62-0230 / 0556-62-3751